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Rendoscopy´s angiography tool has many similarities with Rendoscopy´s Gentle Colon application. This means that it combines automation (time saving in post-processing combined with reliability in finding all vessels automatically), with accuracy and communication capabilities, reducing all excess load, in order to keep the application simple. This allows you to concentrate on relevant points from the beginning, instead of wasting time on diversions. 


In most cases, angiography is performed with just ONE mouse click on the appropriate vessel. The Rendoscopy Angio Tool will calculate the segmentation up to 60 branches over the 1st and the 2nd vessel bifurcation, and also calculates the center line for each branch, and the function (Min/Max diameter, cross section, and the deviations of these functions) along the tracks as well.   



2D as well as 3D images supply information of the Min/Max Diameter and the cross section of the corresponding vessel. Presets provide fast access to relevant information on the screen. Similar to our colon software tools, the Angio software is free of any excess load. At the same time, the system will accept a good deal of user interaction if desired. 

3D results are available using standard computer hardware. Communicator files with full 3D functionality can be created for each and every case, so that you may share your findings with anyone on the globe. 

With just one click you may obtain the Volume Rendering, the segmented vessels with center line, (rotational) curved MPR, MPR with oblique (always perpendicular to the track in the vessel), MIP and a function rendering unit, in order to get functions along the vessels in question. One may also use the comparison function to compare two successive angiograms.

In order to find an example enclosed see the Image Gallery

angio-screendump-example-240x147.png  [zoom]




Video Web-Konferenz: Sie benötigen weniger als 3 Minuten um zu sehen, ob Rendoscopy Ihnen bei Ihrer klinischen Routine helfen kann. Rufen Sie uns an und schicken Sie uns einen Testdatensatz - wenn Sie möchten!

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Södertälje Hospital , Södertälje, Department of Radiology, Sweden is using Rendoscopy´s Software.
RSNA Chicago McCormick Place

25. - 29.11.2012

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