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The Art of Automatation and Visualization

In most Imaging Organisations there is no space for fancy 3D stuff, because the daily overcrowded clinical routine does not allow to waste your time, while fighting with some software. On the other side the reimbursement issues for 3D imaging does not legitimate a bigger time investment, even if the size of cross sectional imaging data-set increase every year. Rendoscopy´s 3D software solutions are running in the background - your time effort for (experienced) Rendoscopy´s 3D reading is not higher than 2D CT or MRI reading. 

Rendoscopy´s Software brings 3D Imaging into your daily clinical work comparable how 2D Imaging did in the past. BUT, why shall I use 3D?


Rendoscopy´s Philosophy - by doctors for doctors

guarantees a high clinical relevance in Visualization and an impressing workflow optimization, particular regarding of the critical parts of

  • Automation - to spend more time for the reading than fighting with an application. Rendoscopy´s solutions has more similartiy to 3D Post-Processing Engines! 
  • Accuracy - to get every kind of information with the technical best possible spatial and contrast resolution and speed and with highly interesting unique helpful features, while standard consumer hardware is used,
  • Innovation - to apply every kind of new technology which will help to detect and diagnose your findings in the fastest way. 
  • Simplicity - to keep away all ballast which is not necessary for the focused work. Keep the application handling simple as possible. Keep workflow effort smallest as possilbe and software handling more than easy and transparent!
  • Communication - to share your findings with your clinical partners with the complete and full 3D functionality, not just only as static images in a PACS or as a static movie (i.e. AVI), which is not interactive.
  • Interventional Planning options for your clinical partners to plan their intervention, wherever and whenever they want.

  Rendoscopy´s Software tools combine Automation, Accuracy, Communication and Intervention planning cababilities on a top level to realize tools which will optimize your clinical workflow, while accuracy is on the technical highest level. Rendoscopy´s Communication capabilities are far in excess of just only to communicate but include the option of Therapy or Intervention Planning of your clinical partners on their own computers.  



Video Web-Konferenz: Sie benötigen weniger als 3 Minuten um zu sehen, ob Rendoscopy Ihnen bei Ihrer klinischen Routine helfen kann. Rufen Sie uns an und schicken Sie uns einen Testdatensatz - wenn Sie möchten!

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University of New York, Nassau Medical Center, Dr. Scarmato us.png

".....Es gibt einige gute Software Tools, aber die von Rendoscopy ist grossartig!" 

RSNA Chicago McCormick Place

25. - 29.11.2012

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