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The Art of Workflow Optimization

At Rendoscopy we are aware that the examination of cross-sectional imaging with 3D Post Processing Procedures must be fully integrated into your daily clinical routine - not vice versa.

Rendoscopy Visualization software tools (for colon, angio, cardiac, etc.) tools take every mouse click into account, while the (spatial and contrast) resolution remains the best technically possible. The combination of our demand for the highest quality with our uniquely innovative and patented features – THAT IS WHAT THE IMPLEMENTATION OF RENDOSCOPY REALLY MEANS. 


Rendoscopy Visualization software tools offer your clinical partners the opportunity to benefit from the use of a cross-sectional imaging device without the need of actually possessing one. They may implement the 3D workstation wherever and whenever they choose, thus enabling them to efficiently plan their interventions. At Rendoscopy we observe the following points in order to optimize your workflow:

1. "By physicians for physicians"


Rendoscopy Visualization software tools are developed by radiologists in close connection with their respective clinical partners. The concept behind our software tools is mainly derived from practice and daily application in a clinical environment.

2. The Automation of 3D Post-Processing = Time Saving

One of the main benefits afforded by Rendoscopy Visualization software tools is that it allows you to spend more time reading as opposed to wrestling with an application.

With only minimal time and effort, one can obtain 3D Results from "Rendoscopy´s 3D Engines". Any kind of 3D processing may be initiated by the radiographer or technician - the MD will appear as everything is done mostly by the computer. Some Rendoscopy software tools are able to handle hundreds of data-sets, and thereby create 3D results without the need of any manual interaction. The "Colon Engine", for example, is able to handle up to 1000 cases in 24 hours without the need of any staff intervention. The automated, high performance computations are achieved with recent, standard computer hardware. This is the prerequisite for the installation and configuration of SERVER solutions. 

3. Authenticity & Accuracy - No data manipulation

At Rendoscopy, we believe that it is important to gain knowledge of every kind of cross sectional imaging available, in combination with the best resolution technically achievable.

At Rendoscopy, our intention is not to create images that are suitable for a Museum of Modern Art, rather images that are a 100% reflection of the acquisition of your cross sectional devices (= authenticity). In some instances, the image quality of the 3D Surfaces appears rather loud or artificial for the price. With Rendoscopy software tools, the original input resolution will be visualized on the screen: the result being that what you see is what you acquire. This means that EVERY Voxel will be visualized. 

4. Innovation - Functionality that is relevant and helpful

Rendoscopy offers you the opportunity to learn how to use top level solutions in your preferred field of 3D imaging.

Innovation - without reference to matters of clinical based relevance - always runs the risk of the unnecessary implementation of over-elaborate ideas and equipment. Furthermore, the clinical relevance itself is sometimes doubtful and questionable. The only reliable judge of the particular relevance and functionality of any innovation is its use and application within a clinical environment.

5. Simplicity - Keeping things free of excess load

Rendoscopy´s software packages are extremely easy to use. Every member of an organisation should able to handle the software after only a very short training period. 

Rendoscopy´s software packages are designed with the guidance of physicians for the use of physicians, in order to create a feasible way of achieving a high level of functionality and clinical relevance.

6. Communication - What is the value of innovation if there is a problem with communication?

What is the value of the most advanced and innovative technology if your partners cannnot understand what you mean to tell them?

One may utilise and distribute the 3D workstation for communication purposes wherever and whenever you prefer - with complete 3D functions and capabilities.

All forms of documentation are available as DICOM, as well as in different image formats such as PNG and/or PDF. But by far the most interesting aspect of the Rendoscopy Communicator is the ability to use the full 3D functionality wherever you choose, and wherever you need 3D capability to demonstrate your findings most efficiently.

The communication capabilities of the 3D workstation are not limited to networks, but may be extended to any kind of external data storage medium, such as USB sticks or external hard-disks.

7. Intervention Planning Options - Successful therapy starts with good visualization

Rendoscopy offers your clinical partners the opportunity to use a cross-sectional imaging device without the need of actually possessing one. They may use the 3D workstation wherever and whenever they choose in order to plan their interventions.

Each 3D result may be placed on a Rendoscopy Communicator file. These files offer the full 3D functionality of a given software package, and may be distributed wherever one chooses. For distribution of such files one may use a standard network, such as the intra- or internet. But one can also use CD/DVDs or USB sticks.  





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".... die Rendoscopy Software arbeitet wie eine Schweizer Uhr und wir sind sehr zufrieden mit Rendoscopy ´s Gentle Colon Software" 

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