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Here you will get some investors relevant information.

Rendoscopy is founded in April 2003 as a Spin-Off of the University of Munich (Campus Grosshadern), Department of Clinical Radiology. 

Rendoscopy is growing from their own business, without any external financing. Rendoscopy is active worldwide. Customers are in Europe and in the US. Rendoscopy´s sales activities are direct sales and distributors, even if every kind of cooperation with other vendors are welcomed. Since autumn Rendoscopy has two main offices, one headquarter in Munich, Germany and one in New York. 

Rendoscopy develop a complete new Software Technology and family, just only to create our own Rendoscopy Software tools. The concept consider the newest software technologies, which guarantees a long term benifit for all the applications, which will arise from this new implemented technique. Such investments will guarantee the success of Rendoscopy over the next years, while parallel we extend our business in new fields of data acquistion, data processing and data storaging. 

Corresponding to our mission by doctors for doctors we arrange a defined percentage of the stocks for Doctors. Please contact Rendoscopy directly for every further information to acquire Rendoscopy Stocks as a Medical Doctor. The upcomming higher and higher spatial resolution from recent CT devices will bring more and more 3D applications. No doctor is able to read the endless number of 2D slices to create a diagnoses. 3D Imaging will grow up more and more as a first reading tool. We are just at the beginning!

Therefore 3D imaging visualization techniques will grow extensively in the next couple of years. 





Video Web-Konferenz: Sie benötigen weniger als 3 Minuten um zu sehen, ob Rendoscopy Ihnen bei Ihrer klinischen Routine helfen kann. Rufen Sie uns an und schicken Sie uns einen Testdatensatz - wenn Sie möchten!

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Praxis Dr. Joswig, Ergolding/Landshut de.png

Rendoscopy is used by Dr. Joswig,  Imaging Center Ergolding/Landshut, Germany.
RSNA Chicago McCormick Place

25. - 29.11.2012

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