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Testing Gentle Colon for Free PDF Drucken
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Shortly you will be able to test Gentle Colon for a 30 days for free. Just download the Software and install it on a standard PC. 

The software is coming with SQL Database, Patient Management File System (Patient History), DICOM Software and Rendoscopy´s Colon Solution, which is handled by our customers to one of the best, even if not THE BEST. Interesting in this context is, that the Gastroenterologists love the Software, because it´s convincing them!

The minimum hardware requirements are:

  1. Windows XP (recommended XP64)
  2. 2 GB RAM Memory (or more - 1GB RAM can be possible, but reduce running applications, otherwise the system will swop )
  3. NVIDIA graphicscard will create the best image quality (for assessment purposes, NVIDIA is a MUST)
  4. Core 2 Duo technology is recommended. The Rendoscopy Software is highly efficiently implemented. It will use so many cores as possible, while the execution time will increase proportional!
  5. Monitor: A widescreen is benificial, because Rendoscopy show the complete information of cross sectional imaging at the same time. 

To transfer DICOM data to your Rendoscopy Trial Ware, the following DICOM settings are the default (even if one can adjust the settings to your personal perference!):

  1. AE-Titel: RENDOS
  2. Port: 4444
  3. IP of your computer.

The most efficient workflow, we strongly recommend to push the DICOMs directly from the CT (or from any other DICOM source), BUT keep in mind, that if you just send the DICOMs from the CT to the Rendoscopy, you will find in the Patient Management Software (Rendoscopy´s Patient History) the complete 3D Post - Processing result, without any manual interaction. Otherwise (query / retrieve) creates a lot of interaction and a lot of 10 Seconds waiting time.....Our customers love Rendoscopy because of the bridge of efficiency & accuracy & communication

A Communicator file with the complete 3D navigation system, frozen to a given case can be downloaded here: Downloaded the Rendoscopy Communicator (decompressing can be a problem. In such a case you will get an error message while the loading process. Take WinZip or compatible software tools). Consider, that this is not just a DEMO, but a full high resolution case with over 750 axial cuts with full 3D Navigation! Such communicator files can be created by the full licence for EVERY stack of slices! To Run the communicator file you need not any DICOM settings and will run on every XP machine with more than 1 GB RAM. 

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spam-Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können how to get a communicator from your own DICOMs.  

Here you will find the link in the next DAYS: 

[work in progress - in preparation] 

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Video Web-Konferenz: Sie benötigen weniger als 3 Minuten um zu sehen, ob Rendoscopy Ihnen bei Ihrer klinischen Routine helfen kann. Rufen Sie uns an und schicken Sie uns einen Testdatensatz - wenn Sie möchten!

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"....The Rendoscopy setting convinced me and my coworkers, we won´t miss the procedure in our routine work anymore. ......Technical problems were solved immediately."


RSNA Chicago McCormick Place

25. - 29.11.2012

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