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Rendoscopy - Gentle Colon 2

Gentle Colon 2 is the answer to a busy and overcrowded university radiology department (University of Munich), where there is little space for additional 3D work. The standard tasks of the department are usually booked out several days in advance - hence the creation of Gentle Colon 2. With the help of Gentle Colon 2, every aspect runs automatically without any manual interaction, while the technical resolution is the best technically available, and all forms of cross-sectional information is displayed on the screen. 

That is why physicians use Rendoscopy worldwide (see Testimonials). As for example in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Stockholm Karolinska, Stockholm Danderyd, Stockholm Ersta, St. Göran, Bergen, London, Roeselare, Rome, Paris, and in a number of other larger and smaller imaging centers:



Automatisation - up to 1000 cases in 24 hours without any manual interaction:

  • Queuing-System of the automated 3D Post - Processing. Just send the data to the workstation and you get the 3D result within the space of a minute - NO CLICKS,
  • Obtain the 3D data where you need it - Use the optional Server Mode in order to make the data available where you are, and where you need it. (Client Mode)
  • Easy Handling - smooth integration of 3D Post Processing into your clinical environment. Just hit the START button to fly-through and fly-over. There is no need for any manual interaction. The only thing you have to do is to hit the START button. 
  • Rendoscopy´s Multi-Path-Editor calculates EVERY track, before the user even asks for it. Just click to add or delete tracks, and to reorder different tracks in the physiological order - the system reorders this for the user, and in most cases for the default number of tracks. 



  • 1 Voxel Resolution: 0.35 mm spatial resolution.
  • 4 x higher contrast resolution on the 3D surfaces than in the corresponding 2D images in the Lung Window.
  • Visualization of the complete information of cross sectional imaging while at the same time updating ALL images on one (or two) screen(s): 4 times 2D, 5 times 3D images. Take either the "Shared Screen" mode to bring prone and supine onto one screen, or take a second screen with a maximum of information content to compare prone and supine. 
  • Split View - NO blind areas and NO imaging distortion - Look behind the folds WITHOUT imaging distortion AND with the assessment of the infiltration in question into the adjacent mesenteric fat. The split view combines both advantages of 3D and 2D in one image.
  • Spinning Walls or Spin View - To get the best relation between the endo luminal 3D lesion, and the adjacent to exclude infiltration into the mesenteric fat.
  • Unrolled View - unroll the whole colon in one stripe to get a very good overview, BUT with the known problems of inherent artifact creation, caused by Mercartor´s projection. Compared to the Split View, the Unrollded View as well as the Endo-Luminal View visualize ONLY endo luminal information.
  • What is under the colonic mucosa? From EVERY point of the surface you know what is UNDER the colonic surface (gastroenterologists are enthusiastic regarding this feature - this has some similarity with the red-flag technique)
  • Easy prone/supine handling on one or two screens.
  • 3D first reading → 2D problem solving.
  • 2D first reading → 3D problem solving.

Communication capabilities

Communication capabilities:

  • Bookmark system: Helps you to retain an overview of your findings,
  • DICOM transparency: Sends your screen dumps to your PACS,
  • Automated Report Creation from the bookmark list, and send the report to your PACS or send it as an (encrypted) PDF. 
  • Communicator File Creation: The full functionality - including all your bookmarks, classifications, notes and markers, can be sent (anonymous if desired) all over the hospital(s) or your intra- and internet. Alternatively, you can use external storage media such as CD/DVD, USB sticks or external hard disks. This allows you to access your work wherever and however you choose!!


Software Implementation

  • Speed Optimization for the use of Dual Core, Dual Quad or Single Quad technology, is optimally supported.
  • Assembler Code for highly efficient execution time.
  • Special Algorithms are GPU implemented.






Video Web Conference: Take just 3 minutes to learn in a LIVE DEMO how Rendoscopy Software will help your daily work. Call Rendoscopy and send test data if you like!

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"....The Rendoscopy setting convinced me and my coworkers, we won´t miss the procedure in our routine work anymore. ......Technical problems were solved immediately."


RSNA Chicago McCormick Place

25. - 29.11.2012

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