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This section contains some relevant information for investors.

Rendoscopy was founded in April 2003 as a spin-off of the University of Munich (Campus Grosshadern), Department of Clinical Radiology. 

Rendoscopy has grown from its own business roots, without any external financing. Rendoscopy´s activities have been globally orientated from the outset: our second license, for example, went to Portugal, and our customers are based in Europe and the US; we also expect to extend the range of our business activities to Australia and Middle East in the near future. Rendoscopy´s business activities are in direct sales and distribution, though cooperation in any form with other vendors is also welcomed.

Since the autumn of 2006, Rendoscopy has two main offices: one headquarters in Munich, Germany, and another in New York (New Jersey). Offices are planned to open in Paris and in Scandinavia as well.

Over the last 15 months, Rendoscopy has invested a great deal of effort in a newly complete and highly modular 3D Software package. This package enables Rendoscopy to expand its activities into every form of 3D and 2D visualization. The primary result is the Angiography tool, which combines the successful properties of Rendoscopy´s Colon Engine, "Gentle Colon". Cardiac imaging is ready for the most part and will follow after the Angiography release.



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".... the Rendoscopy Software work like a Swiss Clock and we are verry happy with the Software."

Radiologiekongress Ruhr 2012

25. - 27. Oktober 2012

Stand Nr. 18

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