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".....we are fully contented with the Rendoscopy Workstation"

denis_marion_266x315.jpgIn the l´Hotel Dieu in Lyon we using the Rendoscopy Workstation since one year and we are fully satisfied!


The Rendoscopy Workstation gives rise to the full satisfaction and this for several reasons:

  • The speed for the use of 3D data is virtually automatically immediately after the conclusion of the CT scanner available, no time for the post - Processing - since everything is very reliable automatically calculated. It can immediately started with the interpretation.
  • The software is very user-friendly and provides on-screen all the possibilities of visual information: Topogramm, colon-3D-view, MPR, Endoluminal View, Split - View and "unrolled" View. 
  • The speed of processing with the possibility to use the data and simultaneously from one image to another to be able to jump with a simple mouse click 
  • Natural identification, localization, characterization of the lesions with automatic update in a CR exportable 
  • Possibility to export the data, the full test with the navigation system is possible, a quality control for a reinterpretation. 
  • Wall thickness associated information through depth information for the detection of local wall tickening: Is very helpful to small and flat lesions attention to.

To sum up: Speed, ease of use, sensitivity of diagnostic and optimum use of the possibilities of radiological technology with virtual colonoscopy including  wall thickening correlated information makes the Rendoscopy solution to a very powerful product.


Dr. Denis MARION

Hotel Dieu, LYON


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"....after an exhaustive testing we decide us for the Rendoscopy Software Package and against the products of the CT - vendors...."


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