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  1. How can I create a Communicator for a Laptop Demo?
  2. How can I create a special track through the colon?
  3. How can I switch the camera orientation?
  4. How do I perform a Rendoscopy Setup Installation?
  5. Is it necessary to paint the track in the colon manually?
  6. What are the Default DICOM Settings used by Rendoscopy?
  7. Why can't I start the downloaded Communicator?
  8. Why can’t we access the luminal window in the prone series?
  9. Why do I miss some views, even those I’ve already seen?!
  10. Why is the Endoluminal View black?
  11. Why was Gentle Colon not able to find a path in the colon?

Patient History

  1. Database Corruption
  2. How can I save special cases from the Patient History ?


  1. When will the first release of the Angiography Tool be available ?
  2. Which kind of functionality will be available in the Angio-Tool ?


  1. When will the first release of the Cardiac Tool be available ?

CO2 Insufflator

  1. When will the insufflator be available?


  1. Are the Rendoscopy Software Packages able to send DICOM images to the PACS?
  2. Which PACS vendors are supported by Rendoscopy´s Software?


  1. Does Rendoscopy support every CT vendor?
  2. What is the minimum number of CT slices that one has to use for Rendoscopy´s Virtual Colonoscopy Package?

Purchasing Issues

  1. In what kind of packages is the Rendoscopy Colon Software available?
  2. Is it possible to buy Rendoscopy Software without any hardware?
  3. Which software components are available with Rendoscopy software packages - such as Gentle Colon?

Computer Hardware

  1. What are the hardware requirements for Rendoscopy's Software Tools?

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University of Uppsala , Department of Radiology, Sweden (Dr. Nielsson) is using Rendoscopy.



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25. - 27. Oktober 2012

Stand Nr. 18

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