Database Corruption

The patient History can be opened with or without error messages. BUT, you can not open a patient dataset.

Do the following steps:

  1. Switch off the Patient History
  2. Stop the DICOM Server
  3. Shut down the SQL server: Right mouse on the traffic ligt icon on the lower right corner. Stop the service.
  4. In C:\mysql\data\rendoscopy is the usual actual database path. The files in this subdirectory can be corrupted under some circumstances. Create with the Windows Explorer in C:\mysql\data a new subdirectory, such as rendoscopy_1.
  5. Open the Patient History and click to the "SERVICE" Icon on the left hand side.
  6. Choose the second TAB, named "Patient Database"
  7. In "Patient Database" enter in the line named "Database Name" the new subdirectory name you created in point 1: rendoscopy_1
  8. Press APPLY on the lower part of the Patient History.
  9. Reboot the Workstation.
  10. Start the Patient History
  11. Click to the icon "Study by Date", you will see now an empty Patient History.
  12. On the upper left, press File, "Import Data"
  13. The import window is opening: Choose "Import all Data (including subdirectories)"
  14. Choose the location of the DcmArchive\DB\RENDOS (mostly located at C:\DcmArchive\DB\RENDOS
  15. Please be patient for collecting data and importing. Depending on the size of the disk this can need hours!