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Rendoscopy RECIST is available to make in a shorter time more reproducable findings in tumor staging follow-ups.

Assessing more accurate complicated follow-up CT examinations for your oncology patients in a shorter time while getting graphical results automatically of the tumor equivalent mass. With one view your oncologist will be able to get a very accurate status of his patients while the time effort for the radiologist is very small because critical issues, such as the correlations of the previous findings to the acutal exam will be done by the software automatically. 

Be more accurate in a shorter time!

To get more information about Rendoscopy RECIST please do not hesitate to contact Rendoscopy for a web - meeting to see how Rendoscopy RECIST makes your tumor readings more efficient and more acccurate.

Create the Rendoscopy | Recist benifits for your patients, for your oncologists and of course for yourself as well. If you print out the findings with all target-lesions and the graphical change of the equivalent-tumor-mass, the oncologist will have a significant help ..... caused by your imaging facility.




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Video Web Conference: Take just 3 minutes to learn in a LIVE DEMO how Rendoscopy Software will help your daily work. Call Rendoscopy and send test data if you like!

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Radiologiekongress Ruhr 2012

25. - 27. Oktober 2012

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