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SRI Bergen Rntgeninstitutt, Dr. Korsbrekke no.png

"....I´m using routinely Rendoscopy for the last 18 months....with 1350 examinations...."


dr_korsbrekke_sri_bergen_smaller_low-res-down-scal.jpg "As Senior Consultant Radiologist in the biggest private Radiology site in Norway I have been using routinely Rendoscopy the last 18 months....with 1350 examinations.... My most significant experience, and really the bottom-line, is that Rendoscopy software has proven to be a stable, well-functional software capable of a high diagnostic accuracy and high patient through-put in a busy daily practice. As for both the doctor and the patients this is of course of the out-most critical importance."

"In uncomplicated cases the interpretation takes less then 5 minutes (both prone and supine scanning protocols included)"

"I also feel confident that because of the algorithms used by Rendoscopy there is no cosmetics involved in the reconstructions."

"The software is user-friendly; both for the radiologist and for the technicians. The installation went smoothly and the support has been very good and really online!" 

"One other major advantage is that is very easy to send key-images to our PACS and to communicate with other doctors by using the communicator module which is a part of the software or simply using the built-in report generator."

"For more information please do not hesitate to contact me."

Bergen Røntgeninstitutt 


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Klinikum Kassel, Prof. Kuhn de.png

"....we decide on Rendoscopy´s Software Package, because of the highly intuitive operator guidance and the high quality 3D Visualization of the colonic mucosa which is predominant compared to the competitors solutions."

Radiologiekongress Ruhr 2012

25. - 27. Oktober 2012

Stand Nr. 18

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